Our goal is to act as a partner to business managers, team leaders and their co-workers as they conduct their daily business, providing them with constructive support and the latest practice-based know-how.
Key requirements and core areas of analysis for our target groups: senior management, middle management and junior management.
Tried and trusted methods for reaching your goals and achieving results.
Ensuring that every business and every employee derives benefit from a variety of teaching methods: you choose between different approaches to maximise individual performance.
Drawing on our experience as a consulting company with a rich scientific background, we’ve developed models that optimise and safeguard the success of training through scientifically sound methods.
The CAAT team of specialists is composed of 6 business partners and 17 other training experts with a strong track record in management.

Our target groups are

Our methods

Individual advice

The tasks and approach adopted by our consultants is shaped by their role as independent advisors, standing shoulder to shoulder with others. Our high standards ensure that achieved outcomes are pragmatic and practical.

Personal coaching

Coaching is an important leadership tool that not only helps people develop their core skills but also underpins successful processes.

Practice-based seminars

The aim of our seminars is to let trainers help you update, hone and consolidate your knowledge.

Moderated workshops

In our workshops, instructors moderate discussions (steering only where absolutely necessary), continually maintaining a predefined thread of continuity.

Talks in an upbeat atmosphere

After discussing your needs in detail, we introduce audiences to the latest key facts. Whether we are required to cover an entire spectrum of topics or focus on a specific area, our talks are lightly peppered with humour, looking at subject matter such as leadership/team leadership, motivation, communication and selling.

Our modules